About Cynthia

professional Makeup Artist and Licensed Aesthetician


I was born and raised in Weston, MA and earned my BS in Communications from Assumption College. I have been working in the makeup industry for just under 20 years.

My philosophy on makeup is simple. Have fun and wear what looks best on you. Many people get caught up in trends and end up wearing colors or products that aren't right for them. It is far better to wear colors and products that work for you and in turn they will make you feel amazing. When you look good, you feel good!

When meeting with a bride for her consultation, I ask a lot of questions. This helps me visualize what she pictures herself looking like on her wedding day. Some brides want to look like they do all the time but with a professional touch. Others want to look totally different from the way they usual do. Everyone else fits somewhere in between. My first job as a makeup artist is to figure out where my client falls. My next job is to make that vision come to life.

Weddings are a celebration that will be remembered for a lifetime, in memory and in photographs. As a makeup artist, I can appreciate the importance of flawless makeup applied specifically for various types of media. The application of makeup is one of the final touches before a bride transforms into her role and it is my honor to be the person doing so.

As  a makeup artist, my passion to make people feel great about themselves, feel confident, and look fabulous in the process. I encourage my clients to ask questions and love when there is a makeup "tip" that I can share throughout my time with them. Makeup should be a fun part of getting dressed every day and if I can make it easier for someone on a daily basis then my job is done.


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