Wedding Makeup

Bridal Trial $95 (Trials are done in Cynthia’s Westborough studio. Travel fee’s apply for requested onsite makeup trials.)

Bridal Makeup Day of Wedding $150 - Includes false lashes. (Onsite)


Bridal Party (Onsite)

Mother of the Bride $125 (Includes false lashes)

Mother of the Groom $125 (Includes false lashes)

Bridesmaid without false lashes $75

Bridesmaid with false lashes $90

Junior Bridesmaids $45


*Airbrush is available at same pricing.

*A minimum of $350 is required to book the date.

*Travel/Parking Fees May Apply Depending on Location

*Any Parking fees will be charged to the client.

In Studio Makeup

Makeup Lesson (per person) $95 (60 minutes) - $125 (90 minutes)

Makeup Application with False lashes $95 (45 minutes)

Makeup Application without False Lashes $75.00 (45 minutes)

Eyelashes with Touch Up Liner Only $25

In Studio Eyelashes & Tinting

Eyelash Lift $ 85 (45 minutes) - A perm for your eyelashes. Perfectly safe and the curl lasts 8-12 weeks.

Eyelash Lift & Tint $115 (60 minutes)

Eyelash Tint $35 (30 minutes)

Eyebrow Tint $25 (30 minutes)

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint $60 (30 minutes)

Eyebrow Wax Cleanup & Tint $40 (30 Minutes)

In Studio Waxing

Eyebrow Cleanup $20 (15 minutes) - Upkeep.

Eyebrow Shaping or ReShaping $35 (30 minutes) - For a first time eyebrow wax and/or eyebrows that have been abandoned.

Eyebrow Cleanup & Lip $32 (30 minutes)

Eyebrow Cleanup, Lip & Chin $42 (30 Minutes)

Eyebrow Shaping or ReShape, Lip & Chin $55 (45 minutes)

Lip $12 (15 minutes)

Chin $12 (15 minutes)

Full Face $50 (45 minutes)

Underarm $20 (15 minutes)

Bikini $30 (30 minutes)

Brazilian $60 (45 minutes)

Lower Leg $40 (30 minutes)

Upper Leg $40 (30 minutes)

Full Leg $80 (60 minutes)

Full Arm $45 (45 Minutes)

Half Arm $30 (30 minutes)

Back $65 (45 minutes)

In Studio Tweezing

For those who are using a topical acne treatment and/or those who are sensitive to waxing.

Eyebrow Cleanup $35 (30 minutes)

Eyebrow Shape or ReShape $50 (45 minutes)

In Studio Facials

Custom Facials starting at $85 (60-75 minutes) - Exactly what your skin needs. That pretty much sums it up!

Dermaplaning Add-On $40 (Add 15 minutes).

Dermaplaning Facial $95 - Cleanse. Dermaplane. Mask. No massage included. (60 minutes)

Target Facials:

“Clean & Simple” $85 - Cleanse, Steam, Extract, Mask. No Massage included. (60 minutes)

“Quench” $115 - 75 minutes of moisture restoring relief. The Ultimate Hydrating Facial. Massage included.

“Calm Down” $95 - Redness reducing LED lights will calm and target angry areas of the skin. Full facial with massage.

“Hollywood” $125 - Hydrate. Lift. Firm. Glow. This facial has just about everything that you would want for your skin. Caviar extract and marine seaweed? Yes, please! Massage included. (90 minutes)

“Brighten me Up”

“Renew” $115 - Peel me like a banana!…Pretty much says it all. Massage Included. (75 minutes)

“Exfosil Ruby” $190 - Professional Exfoliating Peel - As close as you can get to micro needling in my studio.. All components in Exfosil Ruby are naturally derived. Post peel care product kit included. *This service has a 24 hour recovery time. *

**All booked Target Facials are subject to adjustments based on each individuals skin. If Cynthia finds that your skin will benefit from something other than what was booked, she will have a conversation with you.**



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